Hi All,
Upon a Starry Night is my new labor of love. Most people will never know how challenging and difficult it can be to get a beautiful, high-quality, fantasy film made on an indie budget. Even as a filmmaker, it was a bit of a surprise. Although  the indie fantasy film budget is high compared to an indie film not requiring so many effects, I’m still working with a low budget for what I’m trying to accomplish. After what I went through to get my 35mm short film, Dorme made in the quality I envisioned, I swore…never again a fantasy film! But, like child birth, you forget about all that once you hold your wonderful baby in your arms. I’m delighted by what Dorme is doing now that it exists and is out there for people to enjoy. I love hearing how people are affected by it, and what it means to them … and … I’m ready for my next one!

Frankly, I feel twice as alive, with my creative juices flowing through me. I’m up for the challenge, which starts with the funding, because I have a beautiful story to share with the world. It feels appropriate that, with a film that’s also about our connection to others and really to all living things, for the first time, I’m funding a film through crowd-funding. I look forward to sharing the adventure with all of you!