…from the award-winning director of Dorme

The dreamland adventure begins when, after falling asleep during the singing of their mother’s Christmas lullaby, a little girl and her brother are invited to the magical Christmas Town she had been reading to them about earlier. The children are filled with delight at the sights they see, and at meeting Santa and others, who could use a hand before Christmas.

During their visit the children are asked to make a decision. Once they make their choice, it creates a shift of events. What they experience changes their hearts and consciousness forever, as they get what it means to be part of the beautiful, diverse human race.

Imagine to be a Child Again!

Upon a Starry Night is the kind of film all ages will enjoy. This short film is a playful story straight out of my childhood imagination. What I desire to create with Upon a Starry Night is deeper than just the delightful, fantastical story. I want to create a corridor to something beyond this physical world… a feeling of universal love, peace, connection and possibility. Visually stunning, Upon a Starry Night is a joyful celebration of diversity, connection… and that feeling of wonder & magic we often lose after childhood.

Starry night text image Trailer for Award-Winning Film Dorme (Sampling of prior film)
Starry night text image Trailer for “Upon a Starry Night”